Toilet provision and rats on Tooting Common

We’ve been contacted a lot recently about the condition of Tooting Common, and more specifically about the area around the lake and the problem with rats.

We raised with this council officers as we believe one way this could be tackled is more toilet provision on the Common so that the bushes are not used as toilets. This is currently the case and is likely to be one of the reasons there are increased numbers of rats on the Common.

We’ve had a positive update from the Council in this regard, and they are reviewing toilets for short and medium to long term provision. In addition to this, Enable, who look after the Common on behalf of the Council, are investigating suitable funding opportunities through a number of sources. We’re hoping that this results in additional toilet provision in addition to the café soon.

On a separate but related point, the rats are enjoying a lot of the bread which is currently fed to the ducks on the Common. As part of a way to tackle this, Enable have been developing new signage focussed on the provision of food for ducks and to remind visitors not to leave food during their visit. Expect to see these popping up in the coming weeks. 

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