New barriers in Tooting Commons LTN

The red and white plastic barriers have this morning been replaced with wooden planters, and the planters have been bolted to the road so they can’t be moved.

We are aware that the council’s workers, who have been replacing the red and white plastic barriers all week after they were repeatedly moved, have received some abuse from some drivers. No one, under any circumstances, has a right to be rude to people doing their job. Everyone is entitled to make their voice heard and everyone is entitled to their opinion but no one is entitled to hurl abuse. We condemn such behaviour.

4 responses to “New barriers in Tooting Commons LTN”

  1. Well done to the workers, the traffic has been up and down here the last few days, it’s fairly obvious when someone had moved the barriers there would be loads of white vans at the top end of Elmbourne.

  2. I’m a pedestrian and am having to suffer the huge increase in pollution and traffic on the A24 due to all these different schemes being put in place. They are ill thought out and increase driving distance, time and emissions, not to mention discriminate against those who are disabled or need a vehicle to make a living.
    You claim you listen to local people. If that’s true then please rethink all this and consult people before implementing things that so many do not want.

  3. This has caused nothing but chaos. No signage for motorists, I live locally and cannot figure out how to how to escape my road. Honestly, I feel trapped.

  4. No consideration for the following:
    Increased crime, fast escape routes for criminals
    Abuse and no policing by yourselves to stop Deliveroo and Uber ignoring your scheme and riding motorbikes snd scooters at reckless speeds through the barriers.
    Lives will be lost , no ambulance access.
    Houses and property will burn down and spread more!
    No consideration for disabled, like myself with heart, emphysema, liver, oedema, and arthritis and need my car to access all areas of Tooting where I have lived for 43 years. I rely on my car to get me to friends, businesses, my family and shops all over the town.

    I find this hard to believe that you would also want to damage the economy even more, removing parking bays preventing foot fall and passing trade, delivery vehicles having no access to delivery points. The whole scheme is ill conceived and should have only been designed by a proper non-partisan working group like we did when we wrote the revised Tenancy agreements.
    Build one way streets , but do NOT close them.

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