Let us know your thoughts on the proposed Elmbourne Road Area Trial Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Residents living on Elmbourne Road and the surrounding roads will have received (or shortly receive) the below letter in the post in the coming days on a Trial Low Traffic Neighbourhood which will commence on 1 July for 6 months.

As ward councillors we were not consulted on these proposals and have not had any input into shaping them. There are clarifications we’re asking from council officers on this issue at the moment, including asking for information about the modelling, and in particular any potential traffic increase on nearby  Ritherdon Road, Elmfield Road, Tooting Bec Road, Bedford Hill and Trinity Crescent.

The proposals are for road closures (except to bikes) at:

  • Elmbourne Road junction Tooting Bec Road
  • Elmbourne Road junction Manville Road
  • Dr Johnson Avenue junction Hillbury Road

If you live in the affected area, or nearby we’d love to hear from you. Please submit your comments to the consultation when it opens on 13 July at: https://haveyoursay.citizenspace.com/wandsworthecs/elmbourne

as well as sharing your thoughts with us so that we can best represent our ward residents and businesses on this important issue as we don’t receive comments submitted on the consultation site.

If you can get in touch with us at the following addresses, including your thoughts and comments as well as your address:

Councillor Fleur Anderson: cllr.f.anderson@wandsworth.gov.uk

Councillor Hector Denfield: cllr.h.denfield@wandsworth.gov.uk

Councillor Clare Fraser: cllr.c.fraser@wandsworth.gov.uk

We’d usually invite people to come and talk to us at one of our councillor surgeries about this. Given the current restrictions we’re not holding our surgeries however we’d be more than happy to discuss this with you over the phone, or on a Zoom call. Please let us know if you’d like to arrange this.


Fleur, Hector & Clare

12 responses to “Let us know your thoughts on the proposed Elmbourne Road Area Trial Low Traffic Neighbourhood”

  1. Huron Road resident
    I cannot believe they are slipping this in Again but as a social distancing. A fortune has been spent on traffic calming measures. The extra journey miles and pollution must outweigh any advantage. To get to Tooting Bec road I will have to go down to the high road and all the way around.
    I have lived here 40 years and the traffic is not that bad on Elmbourne road.
    Going to My doctor – three children -the lido Will all involve huge detours. I am shocked that only yesterday Friday 26th we were given notice. How much exactly has each cal
    I got station at the end of the road Cost.
    I have been proud of councils work during the crises but not this mean ness

  2. This will lead to traffic congestion in the surrounding roads over a very wide area, with consequent increased pollution. Please oppose.

  3. As a long standing resident of Mantilla road, I am appalled at the way Wandsworth Council are trying to sneak this proposal in under the guise of Covid-19. They failed with this proposal two years ago. It was OVERTURNED, as it was as ridiculous then as it is now. For residents of Tooting to try and get to Balham/Clapham and beyond is going to be a nightmare. No right turn At TB station, no right turn into Elmbourne, now we will have to drive up to Streatham and around to Bedford Hill, pushing more Traffic onto the surrounding side streets around Mantilla, Topsham and no doubt Furzedown. As a resident we have not received any notification of these proposals from WBC. Residents in Mantilla road petitioned Hector last year to try and convince WBC to make our road one way, but alas there seemed to be a lack of interest on behalf of WBC. My main concern is how a simple trip to the Doctors surgery (in Balham), is now going to endure more stress and anxiety not just for me but for the majority of people on this side of the common. Closing off Dr Johnson Avenue is absurd. It has always been a thoroughfare, and takes the pressure of traffic waiting to turn right off Tooting Bec Road into Elmbourne.. Incidentally I read this morning that TFL are in financial crisis, but yet they are funding such ridiculous LTN schemes in our Borough. An enormous amount of resources has already been spent in Elmbourne Road at our expense. If this is why Sadiq Khan has had to put the congestion charge up by 30% and apply it for a 7 day a weeks from 7-10pm, then he really needs to think again about how our money is being spent.

  4. Yet again, an underhand attempt to get road closures in place by the Council. Remember the last time there were attempts to close Doctor Johnson Avenue and Elmbourne Road. The uproar was significant as the effect of such closures is widespread for local people especially travelling to and from Furzedown but equally the knock on effects throughout Bedford and Trinity wards. It seems this was an attempt to carry this out under the guise of the general traffic calming works that have been going on for months in Elmbourne Road of carriageway narrowing and raised tables at each junction. Some people have forgotten the huge opposition to these closures last time, together with the filled-to-bursting public meetings that took place. If the Council are so preoccupied with safety, they’d do better to enforce the 20mph speed limits regularly exceeded in roads like Franciscan Road where I see vehicles travelling in excess of 40mph daily.

  5. Streathbourne Road Resident
    Very disappointing that again this has been derailed by people who don’t even live in the area. In the evenings the traffic levels and noise along Dr Johnson and elmbourne are intolerable. The common should be a safe place for my children to play, not a rat run for Uber drivers to race across. I completely support a 6 month trial of the changes. After that a fair debate of its merits can be had.

    • Rubbish. It’s a thoroughfare where most people drive safely. There’s plenty of good visibility so there’s very little risk to children or anyone else if they know their crossing code. Emotive Terms like rat/run Have very little to do with the facts. Traffic calming is all very well but not if it makes life really difficult for residents who have not been consulted.

  6. All roads on the Heaver estate are used as rat runs. Closing Elmbourne Road and making the Heaver Estate access only would make it safer for children who want to visit Tooting Common. It would also cut traffic pollution and make the Heaver Estate a nicer place to live. We should all be using the opportunity to walk and cycle more often and help London breath again

  7. Please don’t call this a Heaver LTN as it is basically the residents of Elmbourne Road pushing their perceived traffic problems on to other roads on the estate like Ritherdon Rd. To do so under the guise of Covid-19/Social Distancing is laughable- half of Elmbourne Road is open to Tooting Bec Common which provides plentiful green space for Social Distancing and for displacing car exhaust fumes. By contrast Ritherdon Road has been negatively affected by the road-closure on Elmbourne, the closure of Oakmead and the ‘temporary’ closure of Bedford Hill outside Sainsbury’s – traffic volumes have increased, buses now use the road, traffic jams are a regular occurrence as is speeding and, unbelievably, overtaking. Ritherdon Road and its junction to Balham High Road is one of the busiest areas on the Heaver Estate for children accessing the multiple schools and nurseries on Balham High Road. Ritherdon also has pavement cafes, restaurants and shops who rely on footfall – footfall which is less likely to be there now that the Balham Hill end of Ritherdon is a traffic jam. WBC need to take a step back, have a holistic think about traffic in Balham/Tooting Bec and consult with residents. These knee-jerk road closures just push problems on to others.

  8. I am pleased to read that the Heaver LTN is going ahead, though amended from original.
    Elmbourne Rd takes majority of traffic which wants to travel south /north of tooting bec common. The traffic calming being installed is effective in reducing speed but volume is unaffected.
    Vehicles must be stopped from using the Heaver estate in general for this purpose.
    With LTN schemes already set up, The Heaver has been further impacted with even greater volume of traffic
    To Assist in reducing the impact on journeys effected by these LTN schemes, there is a solution.
    ALLOW RIGHT HAND TURN at Tooting Bec Underground Station from Tooting Bec Rd
    The junction should be redesigned to allow right hand turn at all times with phased priority at peak times.
    This will keep traffic on the Red Route without the need to Rat Run

    • Lucky for you! Just going to push the problem into smaller side streets in Tooting Bec . Ie Mantilla rd, Moring Rd, Topsham, Brudemell, Trinity Crescent, Franciscan etc etc. Well done to the NIMBYs of the Heaver estate. Just push the problem onto another neighborhood.

  9. I welcome these LTN proposals long overdue and well timed at this juncture. I cannot see why any Wandsworth citizen wouldn’t want to cut down on rat running through the Estates listed. As a driver, runner, walker and lover of greener initiatives, I look forward to the model being established in the Graveney ward where I live and will give it my full support.

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