Latest threat to the Wheatsheaf – comments needed by 25th August

Campaigners supporting The WheatsheafMy husband knows way more than me about the Wheatsheaf, having visited a lot more regularly than me for many years! He used to go when it was a very Irish pub and quite a different atmosphere too. For the past year I’ve been campaigning to Save the Wheatsheaf because I like this historic building at the centre of Tooting Bec and I don’t like identikit high streets. All of the over 9,000 who signed the campaign petition have all sorts of different reasons too – but united by wanting to save this building as a pub.

Rumours of a supermarket takeover last Summer started the campaign and I organised the first public meeting and have been in the campaign group ever since. Together we have pushed for Council protection for the pub, and now there is an unprecedented set of protection measures in place – it is locally listed as a historic building, it is an official Asset of Community Value and it has an ‘Article 4 Direction’ against demolition of change of use.

More background on the campaign is here:

The latest threat to the future of the Wheatsheaf is an application put in by the owners to create 9 flats in the two floors above the pub. One floor was being used as a venue for community use and musicians practise area and the current tenants of the pub were hoping to renovate these rooms as more venues for community use.

The proposal for flats would put a stop to this and more worryingly is a well-worn path by other pubs to eventual closure because of complaints by residents in the flats despite knowing they moved in about a pub. I really don’t want to stand by and see this slowly happen to the Wheatsheaf.

We do need more residential units in Wandsworth, but we also need to protect community amenities and in the case of the Wheatsheaf, with its huge public support, this should take precedence.

I’ve make comments in opposition to the planning application on the Wandsworth Planning portal, and so can you up to August 25th. The application number is 2014/3954. Please do follow this link and make a comment – its a really quick and easy form to fill in:

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