April Newsletter 2017

In this month’s newsletter: the general election, crime on Baringer Square and fears about knife crime, plans to replant the Chestnut Avenue trees are questioned, cuts to school budgets, and how to report fly-tipping.

Please come to the ‘Refugee Stories’ film, stories and comedy event at the Sound Lounge, Tooting High Road, on Tuesday 9th May at 7pm. For more info and a free ticket click here. 

What, another election?!

As we are now being thrown into a few weeks of General Election campaigning, we’re really grateful for all the people we’re meeting on your doorstep, and our tube stations and at lots of local meetings. Rosena has been our hard-working MP for 10 months and will continue to stand up for all local residents for the NHS, for local schools, and on Brexit. Theresa May’s leadership does not look very strong or stable so far, with 3 million families £2500 worse off in the failed welfare reforms and a very confrontational attitude for Brexit negotiations with our neighbouring European allies.

It is very close here in Tooting so your vote between Labour and Tory really matters.

To register to vote go here (deadline is 22nd May): https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

To find out more about your Dr Rosena Allin-Khan go here: http://www.drrosena.co.uk

Crime on Baringer Square and knife crimes in Wandsworth

Residents of the Newlands Estate on Tooting Bec Road, near Tooting Bec Common, are very concerned about crime on the estate, and there was a stabbing and theft recently which hare increased fears even more. I’ve been in touch regularly with local residents and the local police, and attended the recent residents association meeting. The local neighbour police team have been asked to visit the estate more regularly, and to reduce the access to the estate. Our thoughts are with the victim of the stabbing and we hope he makes a full recovery.

Local newspaper report on the screwdriver stabbing and motorbike theft.

There have also been two fatal stabbings in Battersea which have sent shock aves through the community. The local police commander has made this statement, and if you know anything about any of these knife crimes or others, please report it anonymously to crimestoppers (0800555111) or fearless.org. You don’t have to tell them your name, just what you know. There is a £5000 reward for information.

I have recently been to the Wandsworth Safer Neighbourhood Board and local safer neighbourhood meetings and continue to raise local crime issues with our police officers. There are changes coming to local policing as the new Head of the Metropolitan Police starts to make changes, and our Mayor Sadiq Khan continues to prioritise neighbourhood policing. In Wandsworth one of highest crime priorities is theft of scooters and motorbikes and a new unit has been set up in Earlsfield to tackle this. If you have one of these make sure its locked up very securely.

Tooting Common Chestnut Avenue Trees

Wandsworth Labour has called on Wandsworth Council to halt its current plans to fell almost all of the 80-odd trees on Tooting Common’s Chestnut Avenue after a new independent report cast serious doubts on the Council’s claims that the trees cannot be saved due to disease and age.

According to the independent report by tree consultant and specialist in heritage tree assessments, Jeremy Barrell, the bulk of the trees which Wandsworth Council claim are terminally ill are in fact “recovering” and have “the potential to live for at least several decades, and many for much longer”.

Indeed, the report states that the avenue’s mature trees, some of which are 140 years old: “are at the peak of their potential to deliver multiple benefits [such as ecological enhancement, pollution filtering, carbon sequestration, UV light reduction, visual enhancement, and positive contributions to human health and wellbeing] because they are big, experienced by many people daily and have the potential to be retained into the long term”.

stop the chop meeting with Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP, cllr Candida Jones and #stopthechop supportersDr Rosena Allin-Khan, MP for Tooting, cllr Candida Jones and #stopthechop supporters

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, Labour MP for Tooting said: “it’s clear now that the Council’s wish to cut down this beautiful avenue was motivated by money. Because a grant to fell and replace the avenue was available from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Council thought it could save a quick buck rather than use Council funds to properly maintain and preserve the existing, well-loved, avenue. The Council has been economical with the truth about the health of these trees and should not be prioritising saving money over maintaining its parks and open spaces”.

When the future of the trees was voted on in committee last year, Labour’s speaker on Community Services, Fleur Anderson, secured an assurance that any healthy trees would be saved.

At the time, the Council advised that only eight trees were in good enough condition to survive. However the new report shows that this was a serious under-estimation.

Fleur Anderson said: “No-one wants to see our much-loved and beautiful chestnut trees being cut down if they don’t need to be. It is very good news that there is new evidence that the trees are recovering from the disease which the council said was killing them. The council now needs to halt its current plans, take stock of this new report and provide a new, genuinely unbiased, independent report on the future of the trees that the Committee and residents can have faith in”.

She added:  “I have been in regular contact with the Council on this issue over many months and council officers have assured me and my colleagues that should any tree represent a danger, it would be immediately felled – an approach which we of course support. It shouldn’t, however, be used as an excuse for the wholesale removal of a well-loved local landmark”.

Almost 5,000 residents have signed a petition asking the Council not to fell the healthy trees and regular protests and events have been organised by the #StoptheChop campaign.

The petition is here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-the-trees-on-chestnut-avenue

Jeremy Barrell concluded: “My assessment of the trees is that none are dangerous, none are dead, and most have the potential to be retained with limited intervention for decades. Wandsworth Council are justifying the removals on the basis of responses from a public consultation and the advice of experts. From what I can see the public consultation approach is obviously flawed and none of the expert reports advocate felling and replacement as the best or only option”.

Schools funding

Our local schools are facing a funding crisis, and Headteachers and governors are already making hard choices about which staff or activities or resources they cannot afford to continue to have in schools. My son goes to the Oratory which is one of only four state schools in country to have a rowing club as their sports ground is a Barn Elms on the Thames. This is a wonderful resource for the boys and the whole school are very proud of their success and they are very committee to the sport, training several times a week. However last week the boys were told that despite monthly parental contributions, rowing will be stopped because of funding cuts.

Rosena recently spoke to a packed meeting about the cuts in Furzedown Primary school.

I know that parents are very worried about the coming cuts to all our local schools, and we have every reason to be worried. I have children at three local schools including Graveney which is threatened with over a million pounds of cuts, St Anselms with £111,000 – equivalent to 3 teachers. To get involved in the campaign, find out how much your child’s school will be affected here: https://www.schoolcuts.org.uk/#/

Do get in touch with us if you’d like to take more action about this.

Bothered by fly tipping? How to report it

One of the biggest issues that I hear complaints about is fly-tipping on our local streets. Do keep letting me know and I can pass this on, you can also report fly tipping very easy if you have a smart phone by using the Wandsworth ‘Report It’ app.  Click here for links for iPhone, Android and Windows phone links. Then you just have to take a photo of the flytip or graffiti and send it in on the app.



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