Month: July 2018

  • Bike hangars in Wandsworth

    Some people have asked about installing bike hangars in their street which is a great idea and one we support a lot. I think everyone can agree that cycling is a generally positive activity and in a city like London where too many cars lead to poor air quality and clogged roads, cycling should be […]

  • Upcoming consultation on traffic calming for Dr Johnson Avenue

    You may remember a proposal by Wandsworth Council in early 2016 to do the following: close Dr Johnson Avenue to traffic; and ban vehicles from turning right from Tooting Bec Road into Elmbourne Road. The response rate was high for a council consultation – over 3,200 people submitted their thoughts. In the end, 70% of […]

  • 12 Reasons to Save Siward Road nursery

    12 Reasons why Siward Road Specialist Nursery should not be closed The council decision is on Wednesday 11th July,¬†supporters, former parents and parents are invited to attend from 7pm at the Town Hall, marble hall entrance. If it goes through, the nursery will close on July 31st. 1 The nursery is the only specialist nursery […]

  • July Newsletter

    In this month’s local news: please sign the petition about Siward Road nursery closure, some of our June highlights, Wandsworth Welcomes refugees news, latest on Tooting Lodge and the reason behind Hector’s name change (yes, you have to read to the end for this revelation). Shock closure of Siward Road special needs nursery The Conservative […]