Month: August 2014

  • Wandsworth’s Secret Army of Carers

    In my role on the Health and Adult Care Committee, I have been learning all about Wandsworth’s secret army of carers, who work tirelessly around the clock to care for friends and family. Until now, I never realised the full impact of the health inequalities facing carers in Wandsworth and all over the UK. Studies […]

  • Latest threat to the Wheatsheaf – comments needed by 25th August

    My husband knows way more than me about the Wheatsheaf, having visited a lot more regularly than me for many years! He used to go when it was a very Irish pub and quite a different atmosphere too. For the past year I’ve been campaigning to Save the Wheatsheaf because I like this historic building […]

  • New Plans for Tooting Common

    I love our local Common and with a bike, four children, a love of running and a dog I’m an extensive user! There are a few big changes coming the way of Tooting Common – and ways in which you can have your say in what they are. Here’s a run down of the changes, […]

  • On being a new councillor

    A huge thanks to everyone who voted on election day back in May – and especially for those who voted for Rosena and I. There haven’t been any Labour councillors for our ward since 1990, but we changed this and are very grateful and excited to be your new councillors. I’ve lived in the ward […]