Your Labour team in Balham and Tooting Bec

A big thank you from all three of us to everyone who voted in the election on May 3, especially those who voted for Hector, Fleur and I. We are delighted that there are now three Labour councillors representing Bedford ward.

Across Wandsworth, Labour came within 146 votes of winning the council, and did so standing on pledges of delivering genuinely affordable homes for local people, a council tax freeze, standing up for our local schools and public services and proposals to improve our environment and air quality. These are things which as a group of 26 Labour councillors across Wandsworth, we’ll continue to fight for.

The three of us live locally in Bedford ward and are already involved in my local community groups. During the next four years this is something we’ll seek to expand upon and will look for ways to represent local residents wherever and however possible.

Our main priority is to stand up for local people and will fight to ensure that residents all receive better services from the Council and will seek to highlight/provide better information about the various ways in which the Council can help you.

We always love to hear from you, so if you have any questions, or have something you need assistance with, our contact details are below:

Councillor Fleur Anderson:

Councillor Clare Fraser:

Councillor Hector Wakefield:


Fleur, Clare & Hector


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