Winter gritting in Wandsworth

It’s shaping up to be a cold winter so gritting of roads and pavements may be necessary.

The council’s webpages on gritting are here:

You can request for your street to be gritted, or if your street should have been gritted and it has not been, by emailing

There is also a map of grit bins in the borough here:,School,GP,TPO,Local_Plan,Plan_Live,Plan_Decided&x=528981.127&y=172342.144&scale=8192

There are two grit bins on Bedford Hill, at the junctions with Ritherdon Road and Culverden Road. As far as I can tell from this webpage: – this grit is for residents to use on their residential roads – so you are free to use it if you wish. I appreciate that lugging grit back to your front door is not ideal but could be an option if a quick fix is needed.

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