Update on the Tooting Common Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN)

We met today with the council’s transport officers and with Cllr John Locker, the new Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport, who took over from Cllr Paul Ellis on 15 July. Cllr Locker has been understandably settling in and getting up to speed with his new job in the last seven days, which is why there was no news to report last week.

We were shown an updated design for the Tooting Common LTN (this is the name the council has now given this LTN) and we provided feedback on the new design. The council is now finalising the design and hopes to be able to formally announce something early next week.

As always, this could change at short notice, so there may be an announcement sooner/later.

We also discussed the Graveney LTN, which is still a work in progress for the council. As it covers a much larger area than the Tooting Common LTN it is taking a while longer for them to develop and sign off.

One response to “Update on the Tooting Common Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN)”

  1. To whom it may concern,

    I have been a resident of Bickersteth road for the past 12 years and am utterly horrified and dismayed at the cackhanded and poorly considered blocking of the entire Graveney quadrant in order to facilitate this so called cycle super highway! I am a keen cyclist more often than not cycling the 6 mile commute from my home to work, and in that time have never once had reason to complain about the previous system. Are you suggesting cyclists cycle four abreast?? A blue lane clearly outlines a zone primarily designated for cyclists, which the majority of motorists adhere without the necessity for bollards. So far the very visible up shot of this wonderful scheme is the inability of cars to move out of the way to allow ambulances through…bravo when we have one of the most important London hospitals feeding directly onto this so called superhighway, woebetide the pedestrian or cyclist who has fallen and requires hospitalisation, thankfully there will now be an army of other pedestrians and cyclists to carry them to the hospital because for sure no ambulance is getting there.

    All of the above relate to the changes Seen on Tooting high street from Colliers Wood to Tooting Broadway. So to the second point of the reduction of NO2 in the area. If the purpose was to prevent car drivers using Mellison road as a cut through then why not block all exits onto Tooting high street with the exception of Woodbury st and Longley Rd. The traffic lights from Longley onto Tooting high st do not make this an advantageous route as they allow only about three cars through at a time and hence Why people were always cutting up Trevelyan. You would find that those previously using it as a cut through would very quickly decide it wasn’t worth it, but more importantly you would not be cutting the Graveney residents community in two as you have done!

    I cannot condemn strongly enough the disastrous, wasteful and utterly blinkered actions of Wandsworth council in this matter, and that is as a cyclist! I look forward to raising this also with our local MP,

    Sincerely yours

    Ben Harrison (10 Bickersteth road)

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