TfL urges children to walk, cycle and scoot to school

Schools will shortly be welcoming students back, and TfL are encouraging active modes of transport to get there. Full details are available in TfL’s press release. With the Tooting Commons LTN now in place, it’s never been easier or safer to walk, cycle or scoot, so why not give it a go!

3 responses to “TfL urges children to walk, cycle and scoot to school”

  1. You mean it’s never been worse getting around the area due to the gridlock and extra pollution caused by this appallingly badly thought out scheme.
    This will not encourage cycling or scooting or walking. It will just cause problems for everyone
    You make the fatal assumption tha people are local to where they need to go. they are not. You should be opposing this stupidity
    No I and most people will not be giving it a go and its impractical and worse for air pollution.

  2. This ludicrous scheme is causing extra pollution , noise and has taken away disabled parking. Deliveries cannot get to shops and houses , emergency service vehicles are being impeded and other services like bins cannot do their job It should be scrapped immediately. It has already failed .

  3. Is it legal to scoot to school?

    The LTN’s are a disaster. Local businesses cannot get supplies or deliveries and are losing customers. Police can no longer move around local streets to attend emergencies and blue lights are frequently stuck in traffic.
    I now feel marooned in my local community. I cycle to work but struggle bringing home the weekly shop on my bike. I understand that the conservative government has imposed many conditions on tfl but I sincerely hope Local Labour politicians are not supporting the LTNs and listening to the deep anger Felt by local residents and Labour supporters Towards these unsupportive LTNs

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