Schools funding cuts – please sign the petition

Schools funding cuts – please sign the petition

Schools are potentially facing many different funding pressures, including raising salaries and National Insurance payments, on-going reduction in support from Wandsworth Council and and a proposed reduction in budgets for London schools under the ‘fairer funding’ changes. The government should be valuing education more and be funding the costs needed by schools to provide the educational outcomes expected, not cutting budgets.

Increasing costs already mean tough choices for Headteachers and are a threat for support for music and the arts, trips out of school and for children with additional needs such as for children with disabilities or needing English language support.

Local parents are understandably concerned and want to take action. We hope that enough pressure from people will change the proposals. Please take a couple of minutes to sign the open letter from Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP to the Education Secretary. Follow this link to sign up, and you can click on your local school to find out more about how much the proposed cuts will be:

Rosena says: ‘As a result of the Government’s National Funding Formula scheme, Wandsworth schools are facing £15 million in cuts. This is equivalent to over 300 teachers’ salaries.

We have a number of outstanding schools across Tooting and Wandsworth and if these cuts are allowed to go through, they risk moving backwards. 

I am calling on the Government’s Education Secretary to support our schools, instead of making these devastating cuts. 

Join me, add your name, share with your friends and family.

There is also a petition and more information on this parent-led campaign website: stop school funding cuts – all our children deserve a great education



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