Plans to close Dr Johnson Avenue have been shelved

A win for people power!

After months of concern about the plans to trial a closure of Dr Johnson Ave and stop turning right into Elmbourne Rd, the Council quietly shelved the plans today. 

Although the trial had some support last year, when coupled with the ‘no right turn’ it didn’t make sense to most people who drive around the Common. We could have told them that if they asked us first! When the plans were first announced I objected to the no right turn in the Committee but the Council pushed ahead.

Wandsworth Council announcement
The consultation was patchy, so local Councillors stepped in and publicised it, as well as local people who also realised they had to publicise it themselves. Together with other local Labour councillors, I held a public meeting at which the clear message was to oppose the closure.

I hope that the Heritage Lottery Fund money which was earmarked for this can now be used for an improvement to the Common we all want – suggestions very welcome. Otherwise this might be a very expensive mistaken plan.

Thanks to all 2,500 people who took part in the consultation. I hope that the idea of having trials of different ways to use some roads remains – just not here.

Wandsworth Guardian article

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