Our email on the Tooting Commons LTN

This afternoon we sent the following email to the many, many people who have emailed us over the last few weeks about the Tooting Commons LTN. Please do send in your feedback on the LTN once it goes live.


Good evening, 

Thank you for getting in touch regarding the local street changes. It is really important to hear your feedback. Please forgive this impersonal email as we are responding to everyone who has written to us. Rest assured that we have read and taken note of all the individual feedback we have received.  

We are getting in touch to provide an update on the Tooting Commons Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) Six-Month trial and Transport for London’s Streetscape proposals for the A24 area in Balham/Tooting. 

There will be an increase in traffic and cycling in September as public transport use will be limited, so these trial changes are starting in August. They are also in response to traffic issues that local residents have been raising for many years. 

This information is also on our local website: becandbalhamlabour.org 

Tooting Commons LTN Trial update 

Wandsworth Council announced details on Friday for a six-month trial in the Tooting Commons area. It will include: 

  • No restrictions on northbound traffic on Dr Johnson Avenue 
  • Point of No Entry on Dr Johnson Avenue to southbound traffic (except cycles) 
  • A closure on Bushnell Road at the junction with Elmbourne Road using a planter which only enables access for cycles 
  • A closure on Elmbourne Road at the junction with Tooting Bec Road (except cycles) 
  • A diagonal diverter on Elmbourne Road at the junction with Manville Road  

The trial is due to go live on 10 August and feedback can be submitted via the following consultation page once the trial has begun: www.wandsworth.gov.uk/consultations

We would encourage you to feedback your comments when the site goes live, but also to provide feedback to us as your ward councillors. We’ll be actively monitoring the trial ourselves and will be engaging with and listening to residents’ comments throughout this process. Although we’re not permitted to hold our councillor surgeries at the moment, we would be happy to hold Zoom meetings and telephone calls with local residents.  

We’ll also continue to update our website here with any news/developments in relation to the trial.  

Transport for London Streetscape  

We have received feedback in recent emails on TfL’s Streetscape proposals and the bus running along Ritherdon Road and closure of the north end of Bedford Hill. The bus route will return to its normal route (and off Ritherdon Road) at the end of August, when the north end of Bedford Hill will also be reopened.  

We hope the below timetable provides clarity: 

Date  Scheme  Responsible Authority 
25/07/20 CS7 left turn restrictions from A24 at Ritherdon Road TfL 
31/07/20 Streathbourne Road/Elmbourne Road junction treatment complete WBC 
03/08/20 Drakefield Road/Elmbourne Road junction works commence under road closure WBC 
10/08/20 Tooting Commons LTN goes live with No Entry southbound on Dr Johnson Ave, diagonal diverter at Elmbourne Rd/Manville Rd junction, and planter on Bushnell Road WBC 
31/08/20 Bedford Hill closure (next to Sainsburys) ends WBC 
31/08/20 Bus diversion removed from Ritherdon Road TfL 
31/08/20 Drakefield Road/Elmbourne Road junction treatment complete WBC 
03/09/20 Louisville Road/Elmbourne Road junction works commence WBC 
10/09/20 Install traffic counters to monitor LTN WBC 
28/09/20 Louisville Road/Elmbourne Road junction works complete WBC 
28/09/20 Road closure to remain at Elmbourne Road/Tooting Bec Road junction as part of LTN trial WBC 
12/10/20 Repeat traffic surveys WBC 

We want to hear feedback on your experience of the Tooting Commons LTN trial and Transport for London’s proposals, as well as encouraging you to provide your feedback directly to the council at: SocialDistancing@wandsworth.gov.uk and to TfL at: streetspacelondon@tfl.gov.uk. If you copy us into your emails as well, it will also ensure that we are aware, and able to feedback to TfL any concerns we have (as we have done with the bus running along Ritherdon Road). Your feedback, as well as traffic data collected from the trial itself, will be vital evidence for any decisions at the end of the six-month trial period. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Many thanks 

Clare, Fleur & Hector 

Bedford Ward Councillors 

Fleur Anderson: cllr.f.anderson@wandsworth.gov.uk 

Hector Denfield: cllr.h.denfield@wandsworth.gov.uk 

Clare Fraser: cllr.c.fraser@wandsworth.gov.uk  

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