Graveney LTN, Fishponds LTN, and Beechcroft LTN

Hot on the heels of the Tooting Commons LTN are these three in and around Bedford ward:

The full details are set out in this leaflet that the council has been delivering over the last couple of days to properties in the areas concerned. The leaflet is a 25MB pdf so may take some time to download and/or open.

2 responses to “Graveney LTN, Fishponds LTN, and Beechcroft LTN”

  1. These changes are ridiculous please can you advise what sense there is in blocking a road to then cause a traffic blockage in another. What sense in causing greater pollution as traffic does not flow. What sense in seeing cyclists now frustrating with themselves as they cannot overtake. What sense in a journey that took 3 min now taking 30 . What sense in destroying even more of the high street shopping. Who decided this has more money than sense ,does not commute , has not studied, did it on a sunny day , thinks the whole world has stopped . Remove these insane changes

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