Diagonal diverter at Elmbourne/Manville junction

We’ve been asked a few times what this does and it’s easiest to explain with a diagram (see the incredibly professional drawing below). It allows traffic to go from Manville Road to the southern half of Elmbourne Road both ways (see orange arrow) and also allows traffic to go from Dr Johnson Avenue/Hillbury Road to the northern half of Elmbourne Road both ways (see purple arrow). The diverter is placed diagonally across the junction (see green line). There is a small space large enough for bicycles on either side of the diverter so that cyclists can go round it.

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3 responses to “Diagonal diverter at Elmbourne/Manville junction”

  1. Technically I think the short bit between Elmbourne and Hillbury (where the electric vehicle chargers are) is also Hillbury and not DJA – at least that’s what Google Maps and Open Street Map say!

  2. My apologies Hector you are correct.

    I have lived here for over 50 years and I did not know that

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