Data collection in Tooting Commons LTN

Traffic counting strips look like this but the two black rubber tubes are usually much closer together:

Depending on the model used, traffic counting strips can measure the volume of vehicles on the road, the classification of the vehicle (car, truck, moped, etc), the gap between each vehicle, and the speed and direction the vehicle is travelling.

The council recently laid traffic counting strips in the following roads to collect data before the LTN was put in:

  • Elmbourne Road
  • Louisville Road
  • Drakefield Road
  • Streathbourne Road
  • Huron Road
  • Manville Road
  • Bushnell Road
  • Bedford Hill
  • Garrads Road
  • Elmfield Road
  • Carminia Rd
  • Dr Johnson Avenue
  • Ritherdon Road

The council will be laying traffic counting strips in the same places two more times each, to collect data with the LTN in place. It will then be possible to see the “before” and “after” position, and measure the overall effect of the LTN.

We have asked the council to publish the data it collects so anyone who is curious can view it, and they have agreed to this.

2 responses to “Data collection in Tooting Commons LTN”

  1. So how do you propose to distinguish between the effect of the Tooting Commons LTN and the effect of the TfL/CS7 A24 changes, given that you have chosen to put the former in simultaneously with TfL’s installation of the latter?

    (This is a rhetorical question: presumably you will not be able to distinguish the effects of two such changes taking place at the same time)

    And if you can’t distinguish the effects of the two, how are you going to figure out if the Tooting Commons LTN is causing undesirable side effects?

  2. 1. When will this data be available?
    2. Those strips were short lived, they are no longer in Garrads & Bedford for example w/c 7th Sept, which given they were removed prior to returns to school, doesn’t seem adequate or representative data.
    3. Given the extraordinary (entirely predictable & *actually* modelled) gridlock on roads beyond Wandsworth eg: Garrads – why is no measuring happening NOW. This (you state) is a months long live consutation.
    4. Since I live on Garrads am now sucking on an exhaust pipe all day and very much the weekend too, thank you. Could you explain why no one in Lambeth was consulted. Bromley are currently sueing Croydon for same.
    5. As a person in favour of more imposing & robust cycling & cycle safety, and assertive efforts re air quality – and as a car driver by choice (& necessity after being hit by a truck in a residential area & permanently injured) – I oppose this particular v poorly planned & communicated LTN. You have done the environmentalists/cyclists/liveable streets folk (& I am one) great harm with this divisive shambles.

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