Crossrail2 – consultation ends on Friday!!

We’ve had lots of emails and questions about Crossrail2 and the consultation ends on Friday 8th at 5pm – please have your say!!
Crossrail2 is a new north-south London rail line which will be built from 2020 – 2030 and then will have 30 trains an hour and mean Balham to Tottenham will be a 12 minute journey, and congestion on the Northern line will be reduced. We really welcome this! Currently there is a consultation about local views on having a station at Balham – but Tooting Broadway is another potential route.
The consultation is just a couple of questions:
There is more information here:
Please do spread the word as well, and as there isn’t a question about Tooting Broadway, please encourage people to fill in comments about both routes (or one or the other) in the Balham question.
Crossrail2 Route
Crossrail2 Route

Here are some points we will be making:

1.Tooting Broadway needs the development benefits more than Balham does. This needs to be more of a factor in the decision making than it is now. The benefits to Tooting Broadway may far outweigh the additional costs, and the impact on business in Tooting Broadway and Balham needs to be further analysed and then used in decision making.
2. Balham already has more rail links.
3. Although it will be disruptive in Tooting Broadway, having a building site in the middle of Balham for years will be more detrimental for less benefit.
4. Better access to St George’s Hospital is a positive benefit for Tooting Broadway.
5. TfL should keep doing more investigation into the actual building costs of Tooting Broadway before discounting it. They may not be as different from Balham costs as currently estimated.
6. The Balham route means an access shaft on the Bolingbroke Road part of Wandsworth Common which is very, very unpopular locally.

7. The consultation was too limited and did not even have a question about Tooting Broadway which will have reduced responses on this.
Do get in touch with us if you have any questions.
Cllrs Fleur and Rosena

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