Contra-Flow Cycle Measures – Cloudesdale Road – Have your say!

Contra-flow cycle measures have been introduced on Cloudesdale Road in Balham under experimental traffic orders. What this means in practice is that as Cloudesdale is a one-way street, the trial measures provide a more direct route for cyclists to be able to use the road in both directions.

The required changes include:

• New cycle signage and road markings to formalise two-way cycle flow and to raise driver awareness of the presence of cyclists.

• Convert existing single yellow lines to double yellow lines to protect accesses and visibility at junctions.

• Some reduction to the existing parking arrangement will be required at key locations along the road to allow cyclists to safely pass from on-coming traffic.

As this has been introduced on a trial basis, feedback from residents gained throughout the 6-month trial period will be taken into account throughout.  Depending on this, the scheme will either need minor amendments, be withdrawn or made permanent via a permanent traffic order after the 6-month trial ends.

Details of the trial can be viewed below, and those wishing to submit their thoughts on the scheme can do so here.

Please also let us know your thoughts directly by email:

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