Community Roadwatch events in 2021

Community Roadwatch is where the police use a mobile speed gun to measure the speed of vehicles on a road and issue warnings where vehicles exceed the speed limit. In Bedford ward the following three events will be held this year:

  • Montana Road on 28 May 2021 from 0900hrs to 1000hrs.
  • Ritherdon Road on 25 August 2021 from 1600hrs to 1700hrs.
  • Bedford Hill on 11 November 2021 from 0900hrs to 1000hrs.

Anyone is welcome to have a go on the mobile speed gun, including children, so just turn up on the day and find the police and say hello. However, there are some rules around COVID of course. You will not be able to participate if you:

  1. are positive for COVID-19,
  2. are symptomatic (even mildly) and in self-isolation,
  3. have a household member who is symptomatic, or is in contact with anyone with COVID or who is symptomatic,
  4. have been contacted by the NHS COVID-19 Trace system and are in isolation.

Community Roadwatch requests for events on your road can be sent directly to the police using the following email address:

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