Author: Hector Denfield

  • TfL urges children to walk, cycle and scoot to school

    Schools will shortly be welcoming students back, and TfL are encouraging active modes of transport to get there. Full details are available in TfL’s press release. With the Tooting Commons LTN now in place, it’s never been easier or safer to walk, cycle or scoot, so why not give it a go!

  • Data collection in Tooting Commons LTN

    Traffic counting strips look like this but the two black rubber tubes are usually much closer together: Depending on the model used, traffic counting strips can measure the volume of vehicles on the road, the classification of the vehicle (car, truck, moped, etc), the gap between each vehicle, and the speed and direction the vehicle […]

  • Tooting Bec Lido now open again

    The lido reopened on Wednesday just gone and things seem to be going well. To enter, you need to pre-book a slot online. All the details on how to do that are at the Places Leisure Tooting Bec Lido website. The Places Leisure website also has general reopening information. A member of staff at the […]

  • A picture’s worth a thousand words

    We have received many emails about the new LTNs asking “Why?”, and this image very neatly explains the reason.

  • New barriers in Tooting Commons LTN

    The red and white plastic barriers have this morning been replaced with wooden planters, and the planters have been bolted to the road so they can’t be moved. We are aware that the council’s workers, who have been replacing the red and white plastic barriers all week after they were repeatedly moved, have received some […]

  • Graveney LTN, Fishponds LTN, and Beechcroft LTN

    Hot on the heels of the Tooting Commons LTN are these three in and around Bedford ward: The full details are set out in this leaflet that the council has been delivering over the last couple of days to properties in the areas concerned. The leaflet is a 25MB pdf so may take some time […]

  • Barriers in Tooting Commons LTN

    We have been told by the council that the red and white plastic barriers that are currently being used to implement the LTN will soon be replaced by planters. Hopefully these will be too heavy for any one person to lift, so they won’t keep getting moved like the current lot. We hope everyone’s managing […]

  • Community Roadwatch events – November 2020

    Community RoadWatch (ie a police officer with a high-tech mobile speedgun) is coming to the following roads in Tooting: Avoca Road on 3 November 2020 from 9:00 – 9:45am Montana Road on 9 November 2020 from 9:00 – 9:45am Adults and children are welcome to have a go on the speedgun, so come along to […]

  • Diagonal diverter at Elmbourne/Manville junction

    We’ve been asked a few times what this does and it’s easiest to explain with a diagram (see the incredibly professional drawing below). It allows traffic to go from Manville Road to the southern half of Elmbourne Road both ways (see orange arrow) and also allows traffic to go from Dr Johnson Avenue/Hillbury Road to […]

  • Our email on the Tooting Commons LTN

    This afternoon we sent the following email to the many, many people who have emailed us over the last few weeks about the Tooting Commons LTN. Please do send in your feedback on the LTN once it goes live. *** Good evening,  Thank you for getting in touch regarding the local street changes. It is […]