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News below on: Dr Johnson Avenue proposed trial closure, 20mph speed limit consultation, housing waiting list issue, Neighbourhood Network Wednesdays.

Update on Dr Johnson Avenue Proposed Trial Closure

The consultation closed on Friday 15th April and by two days before this I was informed that there had been 2,500 responses. The officer in charge of the consolation has told me that these will be assessed and a paper will be written for the Community Services Oversight Committee meeting on June 7th at 7.30pm. The agenda with the papers normally come out one week in advance and so we can expect the paper and recommendations to be published on 1st June. 

Dr Johnson Avenue proposed closure – consultation ends THIS FRIDAY, 15th April

Do have your say on the proposed closure by taking couple of minutes to go online by Friday: click here to go to the Dr Johnson Wandsworth consultation.

Thank you very much to the over 100 people who came to the public meeting about this on March 22nd. It was hard to find a venue big enough, very local and available for that night so thanks to everyone who found the venue at the Seventh Day Adventist Church behind Balham Boulevard. It’s very big and welcoming church and new to us!
In response to hearing from many local residents, the main aims of the meeting were to share information about the background to the proposal and on-going process, and to hear each others opinions. We were able to do thanks to the high attendance at the meeting. We also aimed to create another forum to submit comments into the consultation, and to enable local Councillors to hear your views. The notes from the meeting, with a summary of issues raised, will be sent to the Council in advance of the consultation deadline as it attached here.
There was a report about the meeting in the local Guardian:
click here for the Wandsworth Guardian report.
20mph Cross Borough Speed Limit
20mph limits are proven to make roads safer
20mph limits are proven to make roads safer

There is a consultation on this happening as well. Although we have been successful in getting a 20mph speed limit in our ward, we felt that it was really confusing to have a patchwork or roads around us some of which are 20mph and some of which are 30mph. It doesn’t help to change driver’s behaviour or enable police to enforce these. So please take a minute to increase the response to the consultation by going here: click here to go to the Wandsworth consultation.

Housing issues
Rosena and I support many people with all sorts of housing issues – do get in contact with us if you have a housing issue we can raise on your behalf and support you with. This month a local lady reached the top of the housing list after waiting 8 years, but had some real housing difficulties and needed to ask the Council for emergency temporary accommodation. Then she was told that if she does this, she will no longer be on he housing list. I am sure and hope that this must have been a mistake, but is very distressing indeed for the lady concerned – who now needs the housing place more than ever, not less. I hope that this will be sorted out and I will report back.
Network Neighbourhood Wednesdays
Our wonderful local neighbourly group is going from strength to strength and the monthly toddler group followed by coffee mornings for everyone has gone to being weekly. Do drop in between 9.30 and 11.30 to meet other local people. Its is at the Scout Hal on the corner of Elmfield Rd and Balham High Road, opposite Du Cane Court. We always have great conversations and its nice to connect with other people.
Children Services Changes – including to the Triangle and Balham Nursery
A lot of changes are currently about to be made to Early Years Provision across the Borough, and following the closure of the wonderful One O’Clock Clubs three years ago, we’re very worried.
We have a lot  of questions that we are asking Council officers about what the changes will actually mean, and we are committed to campaigning for universal, local stay and play services. If you are interested in finding out more, please email us: fanderson@wandswoth.gov.uk, rallin-khan@wandsworth.gov.uk
Bicycle Parking outside Trinity Medical Centre
A local resident told me that he’d had his bike stolen from outside Trinity Medical Centre and that there should be cycle parking hoops there. This is the Medical Centre and Pharmacy near the Ritherdon Road junction with Balham High Road where is plenty of pavement space and nowhere to secure bikes. I’m glad to say that the Council and Transport for London agreed with my request and have said that they will install cycle parking there in the next 3 months. If you know of another spot where you think there should be cycle parking let us know.
Monthly Drop In Surgery
We have a monthly Bedford ward surgery on the third Saturday of every month upstairs in Balham library – do drop in between 10am and 11am. We’ll be there on Saturday 16th April.

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