A picture’s worth a thousand words

We have received many emails about the new LTNs asking “Why?”, and this image very neatly explains the reason.

3 responses to “A picture’s worth a thousand words”

  1. great thinking we need to discourage unnecessary car journeys anyway and stop all of us car drivers rat running at fast speeds where people can safely live, walk, run and cycle. Make the air and environment better

    • This is deliberately misleading propaganda attempting to justify chaos, upheaval and tens of thousands of lives being turned upside down.

      The implication that every bus journey now has 43 passengers looking for an alternative means of transport is simply not true and it is ridiculous to suggest so.

      Buses do not run full, and certainly aren’t anywhere near full now. Anyone who wants to make a bus journey can do so, or use the totally under-utilised tube network.

      Using a superficially credible but completely misleading argument to justify the nightmare that is being thrust upon some of the most vulnerable members of our society is appalling. We’ve probably already had the first death at St George’s due to a blue light ambulance being stuck on Balham High Road.

      Please take this graphic down.

  2. Ok, I’ll try again. This graphic is seriously misleading. It implies that for *every* bus journey there are now 43 people looking for alternative means of transport. It then links that to TfLs Streetscape project. It was produced by a pro-cycling twitter user, probably with the best intentions.

    However it’s core argument is simply not true as the bus network does not run at full capacity and certainly is not now. Nor is the tube. There is no therefore no need from a public transport capacity point of view to disrupt traffic as is being done now.

    So whilst it may be desirable to encourage active travel, this graphic offers a false rationale and should not be distributed in its current form.

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